The 2010 Florence Marathon is coming up


Firenze Marathon 2009
Firenze Marathon 2009

Translation by Ilaria Lanzoni

The 27th edition of the Florence Marathon is coming up on Sunday 28th November and it seems already clear that it is going to have a record number of participants. The number of registered participants so far is already over 9,500, but there is still time until Monday 15th November to register. The record number of participants was achieved in 2009 when 10,180 runners registered. It is very likely that this record will be beaten this year.

The Florence Marathon has reached very significant figures and is now second only to Rome in Italy. In fact, only Florence and Rome organise every year marathons that can host more than 10,000 participants. These large turnouts are surely favoured by the fact that these cities are among the most beautiful cities in the world; the same holds true for Venice, which in fact hosts the third marathon in Italy for number of participants.

It seems that many people, besides running the 42.195-kilometre-long marathon, will make the most of this late November weekend and spend their free time visiting one of the richest places in history, charm and culture in the world.

As usual, the runners will come from all over Europe and beyond; last year, the number of participants from abroad - who came from 57 different countries - was 2,741. The runners will race through a new course; this year, in fact, the organisation opted for a different course, which has no height difference and is therefore presumably faster. The current record time of 2h08’40” was set in 2006 by Kenyan runner James Kutto. The last six editions were all won by Kenyan runners, and the last non-Kenyan runner to win the race - who is also the last Italian winner - is Angelo Carosi, who won in 2003.

The 27th Florence Marathon is an internationally renowned race and, like every year, media from all over the world will cover the event; live broadcast will also be available on RAI sports channels.

The Florence Marathon is an exciting and evocative race that is interesting not only from the sports point of view, but also culturally, historically and socially. The whole city participates every year with passion and enthusiasm and there is no doubt that, on Sunday 28th November, Florence will be prepared to offer sports lovers a unique experience.

At Running Passion, we will cover this race closely to keep you updated on its developments and to offer you the most interesting photos of the event.

A new course for the 2010 Florence Marathon

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